Another Part Of The Crew Game Will Compete With Forza

The Crew 2 release date
  • J.Draiver

    Crew is just a piece of cr*p. Lags and glitches everywhere, not to mention full-price DLCs. They’d better make some less big map but with better everything else – like the first Test Drive Unlimited

    • otsegoamigo

      Test Drive on Ibiza (what was the name?) was even worse.

  • Nafis Muntasir

    Managed to deal with all glitches. The only problem is it can’t be played offline. Hope the crew 2 has offline mode

  • Lushnjari Bryan

    I hope the crew 2 adds more places in the world like Europe, Asia,North and South america , etc…

  • Marco Crolla

    I will wait for The Crew 2, as it seems too early for a launch to make a completely new game.
    As for the wait!!! Lets see if we get mirrors, somthing that makes the driving more interesting, something that we should have got in the first Crew but didn’t. I’m 57years old and meet quite a lot of people up from there twenties and older then me! :) it’s time Playstation put driving in the way adults want it to be, not children. I want mirrors indicators that control the way you’re drive goes, not kids stuff like loop the loop and floating tracks and doing the longest jumps that evil kanivel or what ever his name was that couldn’t do such jumps.
    So I’m usually the first to buy at launch and feeling sorry I did, now it’s a case of wait and see!
    Surely interior view mirrors and indicators are not that difficult to do. Also I want to do my own graphics and paint jobs, I want my cars to look unique to me, surely someone can cum up with an adult type game as most of us are adults!!!