SimCity 6 Is Getting New Family

SimCity 6
  • notaClarkson

    EA games should just look and learn from Cities Skylines, while developing the next SimCity.

  • Nicole Holland

    I would like to also like to see annexation similar to Skylines a city map is not a perfect square and it seems impossible to hit megaopolis status without room to grow also it limits how you can design your city because eventually everything has to be dense commercial and residential. In my opinion if you merge Simcity with skylines you would have the perfect game. Its like Simcity has more game interaction trades, university mods , research, traffic flow, skylines does not offer this level of interaction however the land is spread out allowing you to continue to grow your city further and further.

    • Nicole Holland

      Further it would be really cool if the county lands outside your city where self developing like small rural communities that never really develop spread out low grade residential with dirt roads. In order to expand your city you have to purchase these areas and develop them.

      • Nicole Holland

        One more idea would be historical sites the ability to historically save qualified residential sites to prevent them from developing into future buildings. The benefit would be similar to a park in that there is a small fee to keep them unchanged however the population happiness around them increases. Areas that qualify must be within vicinity of the mayors house or town hall.

  • kug

    The trailer is fake,its a trailer from (endo) company and I’m not sure if there is going to be a simcity 6 its 4 years now. But its my dream

  • kug

    Where did you get the information?

  • mrgoodnight1977

    The subways should have an elevated system to it. Also, we should also get to create suburbs and rural areas too.

  • Mombasa69

    I love this music

  • clayman

    2019 boyz,stop fucking with us…