XCOM series future
The Future of XCOM Series

Recently released XCOM 2 showed that legendary game series has not abandoned. Developers really want to continue the story, so the question appeared – what would be the next step? What path would be chosen – more DLCs or full 3rd installment of the game?

Fallout 5 must have list
What Fallout 5 Should Get to Be Successful – Must Have List

Before the actual release of the Fallout 5, and even before the first details of upcoming game, game fans sharing their ideas of what the next game might be, and what features should it get to be popular, successful and beloved among Fallout fans. Here is our must have features list of such changes.

Mafia 3 dlc
New Upcoming Mafia 3 DLCs

The new Mafia 3 game is only in the beginning of its life cycle. Just like the 2nd installment of the game, more DLCs are coming or planned. At least three scenario paid DLCs has been revealed with it’s release dates. Mafia 4 is likely to keep DLCs as a scenario add-ons. Every DLC will cost you $15, so if you a real Mafia 3 fan, it is better to purchase Season Pass. Faster, baby! Release date: March 2017 This DLC will be the very first one, features street racing, stunts, new cars. There also will be a new area […]

Sword Art Online Hollow Realisation Tips and Tricks

Sword Art Online Hollow Realisation is not the easiest RPG, so sometimes new gamers need a little piece of advice. Here we have some advises for those only starting the game. Wise weapon choosing is essential Right after the Sword Art Online Hollow Realisation PC game starts, you have to customize your character, including the starting weapon. Every weapon give its own perks and skills to your avatar. The main reason for wise choosing is the following: while on tutorial, you can’t choose something else, but you get level up and more weapon skills. So, you need to choose proper […]

Forza 7 wishlist
Forza 7 Gamers Wishlist

The Forza 6 flow of the DLCs are done (the latest was the Top Gear pack), we all waiting for the Forza 7 release date. It is still only minor information, so we decided to address gamers – what they want to see in the next Forza game. More tracks The current Forza tracks are awesome. However, it seems like it’s not so much. In addition, it would be better to see (and test!) some tracks from previous parts, updated and upgraded. Gran Turismo 6 has more interesting tracks, including their own, plus good track editor. Why Forza doesn’t have […]

How to setup Formula B and Formula C in Project Cars
How to setup Formula B and Formula C in Project Cars

Project CARS is a real simulator of race driving. It is complicated as well – if you chose the hardcore simulation, you need to understand almost every aspect of the driving and car setup in order to succeed. It includes tire pressure, downforce, gear ratios, etc. Every setting influence the car parameters, such as grip, acceleration, max speed. Before Project CARS 2 release date, we try to answer the most desirable questions about the race car setups in the game. The most popular questions are about open-wheel cars like Formula A, B and C. Here are some basic setups suitable […]

what would be the next Midnight Club city
What Could Be The Next Midnight Club City

Everybody knows the legendary Need for Speed series, especially the Underground and Underground 2 – those games were marvelous for the time of the release. But only a few remember Midnight Club, mainly console users – PS2 gamers enjoyed great Midnight Club 3, PS3 and Xbox 360 users race the latest Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Those games were much better than NFS in many aspects, including detailed real cities – San Diego, Atlanta and Detroit for the 3rd installment and obviously LA for the latest part. From West Coast to East Coast There wasn’t any major news regarding the Midnight […]