Mafia 4 Will Have Completely New Story

Mafia 4
  • coolguy

    i just want to see maybe a tough black lady not Cassandra, but someone trying to stop segregation and her father was in the military and is dead and her grandfather was a slave. And I hope she learned alot of fighting moves from her dad cuz she is going to be like in her early 20’s walking home everyday and perverts try to rape her and she knocks them out

    • notaClarkson

      Good but why call it Mafia anyways? The Mafia 3 is only a 30% of real Mafia game to me, tough black lady would make it 0.005% IMO

      • MAGIC1620

        agreed, but? Why not make it with ALL the families from Mafia 1, 2, & 3? Have Mexican , Italian, Canadian, Russian, Irish, Black, White, Puerto Rican, Asian, Cuban, Haitian, German, French, Male, Female, etc etc Mafia Families. So you can start a war on whoever you see fit. BUT?? Once you start a war with them? They come after you as well, and eliminating your family as well. Making missions even more challenging. Because not only are you trying to complete a mission, but they will be attacking you to keep you from completing it. Imagine joining ANY family you want. Dixie Mafia, or hell creating your own. Now doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun?

  • Вано Шмидт

    They just need a good director. Not a young tech geek who has played a lot modern bullshit and seen a lot tasteless low-grade modern movies and who knows nothing about 30-s, 50-s and even 90-s. The man with charisma and life experience. Who can say hey guys you’re great programmers, designers and composers, but you do it all wrong. Purge this bullshit from here and there, and do give me a real story, I want to feel it like I’m not in a game, but in the damned Good Father movie! Let’s make Cameron’s Aliens instead Ridley Scott’s Alien, but not Son of the Mask instead of The Mask with Jim Kerry!
    They just need to take shovels, go to a field and work with it to feel how it must be and then go back to the office and give us a great Mafia!

    • MAGIC1620

      Director? Maybe. How about letting the game continue, after you beat the game. I mean like, why not have the game itself Regenerate NEW Families? How about keeping everything you unlocked? To remain UNLOCKED, regardless how many times you play the game again? How about a choice? Like being able to NOT be this KI$$ A$$ Good Guy every freaking game. SR does that, GTA does that, The Godfather did that, and so has this Mafia series. This game series needs more than just Director, it needs a serious sense of direction.

      I can go to a strip club, but can’t tip
      I can see beautiful women, but I can’t grope
      I take over Districts, that who I claimed them from? They never make an attempt to get them back.
      Where exactly are the Hollow Point Shells?
      Why could I not keep the vehicles I liked?
      Why do they have a toilet, bathtub, sink? When I can’t use them?
      Why when I chose 3 Underbosses and they turned on me? They never attempted to take over a District?
      Why am I the DON, and doing all the work?
      Why can’t we go back into (or claim) the buildings we unlocked? (like the Penthouse)
      Why do we have to wait to play the DLC Missions?
      Why can’t we unlock important things BEFORE 1 mission (4 hit man crew)
      Why can’t we choose where we want to live in that game?

      MAFIA III was so INCOMPLETE, and a total disaster from the get go. It was a quick fix for a game. That they just hurried and created to sell for a profit. No Creativity what-so-ever.

  • Brian C

    Firstly Mafia 4 needs a bit of an Iconic city to be set and a time period .. Mafia 1 New York 1920-30’s, Mafia 2 Chicago 1940-50’s and Mafia 4 New Orleans 1960-70’s …. Now putting Mafia 4 in the *0-90’s is logical as woththe 2 decade step of the last 3 games and logically moving the game to the West Coast or maybe Miami would be a good idea .. Problem with the West Coast is that San Fran is out (Watch dogs went from Chicago to San Fram so mafia doing the same, with a stop off in NO would seem a little lame to copy) so LA .. Bloods and crips type gang warfare ?

    One thing I would actually like to see is a slight step back from true open world … With mafia 1 I feel it had a good balance, the game was a good scripted playable movie (as was the opening on Mafia 3) but Mafia 1 had free ride so you could just go off and wander without bothering too much about the game, Mafia 2 lost the free ride so it just felt you only had the main plot and that was it .. so a mix of in the middle .. with true open world games there is too much desire to “fill it up” with fetch missions and random killings nothing to furter the plot if you get my drift, if there was some way to make these random killings and bank heists tie in withthe game its self then it would be a cool idea, maybe go and collect dues from shop owners, shake down shop owners so they comply and that you can grow your influence a little more with each passing mission as oposed to “turn up at Louie’s, Shoot louie, move on to Jaques bar rince and repeat” there needs to be consequenses that effect the main game in your side missions.

    So far Mafia 3 is a decent game world, it has a slight feel of Watchdogs with its downtown, dock area and bayou similar to the differing areas of WD but I still feel its a good and expansive game world, though I have not seen any public transport like the trams in the last mafia .. (or ANY fast travel for that matter ? :S) .. .maybe the next one could have a city wide bus system you could pop on and off or a subway system if set in a city that has one

    My only worry with taking the next cronological step into the 80-90’s is the lack of a modern day Mafia presence in mainland america and tbh its the legacy of say the mafia 3 time period that we are now left with .. gang culture and maybe the triads in the likes of a localised china town (Mafia 1 any one ?) but one thing I would deffinately like to see and that is real world tensions no matter how uncomfortable it is .. tell the time period as it really was .. if there was racism then have it if there was homophobia then have it .. these games are set in another time when this things happened .. dont just silence a true aspect of the game to pamper the p.c. croud .. I love the fact that we get to play as a black guy in mafia 3 ..ok to me his just a game character and I dont see him for his skin colour but I love the background of racial tension and tis gives the story depth and a feel of reality and not some sugarcoated world that never existed.

    • MAGIC1620

      Umm, I want it to be a Mafia Game, not another GTA Copy & Paste

  • Kian

    I think the storyline should be Vito finds out about joe being alive and goes to find him but he finds out that joe is being forced to work for Leo. So Vito then goes after Leo and saves joe, old friends reunited. Leo will die 3/4 though the game and the last part is Vito and joe making sure that everyone who has fucked with them stays dead or something like that. Obviously this wouldn’t happen swing how old they are and that you can kill Vito in mafia 3 but… I love Vitos character.

    • MAGIC1620

      and exactly what happens when you beat the game? Everything you unlocked? You have to do all over again??? That Lame Ideology? They have used in every freaking game of mafia they have created. IF we unlock it? It should always stay unlocked. Regardless if we are playing the game a 2nd time around. 2nd? There should be different paths to take. Good Freaking Grief!! We play this KI$$ A$$ Good Guy? In SR 1,2,3,4,. The Godfather 1 & 2, GTA 1,2,3,4,5, LCS, VCS. Maybe other gamers want to be that Bad Guy! Like why couldn’t I be a member of Dixie Mafia? maybe I wanted to be a member of Sal Family. Or maybe I want to create my own Family and waste every last member of Lincoln Clay’s Family. Mafia III? Was a disgrace. When in the history of the Mafioso? Has there been a case of beating your enemies, Rivals, and that is the end of it? That life never ends, even if you die. Gee? Not in this video game series. (or any for that matter).

  • MD

    Continue the timeline of the series, place it in the 1980s in Miami… Tons of Mafia, Cartel and crime running rampant through there during that decade. I think everyone can appreciate a game that pays homage to the 80s – from music, cars, clothes, people.. It would be fantastic!

  • MAGIC1620

    1st off?Mafia 4 needs to have the DLC’s to be able to do BEFORE you do any missions.

    2nd? All Weapons Wheel choices be a Tutorial, and ALL unlocked BEFORE playing any missions.

    3rd? Have it a Create A Character Male/Female as main character

    4th? Have it where you create your own Mafia, or to join a family.

    5th? Have all Mafia Families from Mafia 1,2, & 3.

    6th? Add more members to The Hit Squad (like an amazing 8 members in 2 cars)

    7th? Add Crew Members that travel with you, so Drive By’s are available.

    8th? How about an upgrade being “INFINITE AMMO”???

    9th? Need to have a choice on Weapons Wheel like “Retaliation” So we can attack them like they do us.

    10th? Much bigger amount in Families to fight, than 8-12 per building or whatever.

    11th? Side Missions, Strip Clubs, play pool, get drunk, get laid, flirt, insult, grope. For crying out loud give the character a personality

    12th? Have the game regenerate New Families even after you beaten the game, so the fun never ends.

    13th? Make it where what territories, districts, etc you take over? They can take them away from you as well. If you kill their Made Man (or Made Women), they can return the favor.

    14th? Have ALL four of the seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

    15th? For the love of the game? BRING BACK THE GARAGE!!