Forza Motorsport 7 Release Date and News

Forza Motorsport 7
  • raw

    did you post that first teaser trailer without watching it first? (“,)

  • Gigel Drogba

    Bullshit both trailers. Doesn’t anything to do with Forza 7.

  • MADdrifter

    Those Forzas makes my PC lagging piece of crap. Cant even imagine what rig Forza 7 will require

    • otsegoamigo

      32GB of ram and 8GB of video, LOL
      It would be much cheaper to buy the next Xbox Scorpio or whatever

    • Craig Lotter

      Why they port it on PC i dont understand… like there is no cool driving sims here… should keep it as xbox exclusive

      • Ron

        It’s because consoles are dying. They’ve been on a huge decline since XB360 and PS3 while PC gaming is actually growing in popularity. Plus you can’t use HTC Vive with Xbox and sim racers prefer PC’s anyway.

  • pheiser

    Forza is for babies, Gran Turismo is the only real driving simulator.

    • Craig Lotter

      Where is your gran turismo now? still on ps3?.. shh

    • squall88

      Indroducing that I was GT fan… There’s no way man… GT is Centuries Back comparing FM or AC

      GT Sport will be bullshit. Competitors have improved new phisics and new features each version of their title (ex: forza motorsport, assetto corsa,…).

      Poliphony digital is stucked to GT3 phisics and sound samples (in GT6 f430 sound like a blender :/ )
      To make valid your post “Gran Turismo WAS the only real driving simulator.

    • IKS

      I was a GT fan, but not anymore… specially after the deception of GT5 and GT6. They are not bad games but WAAAAAY overhyped and no damage physics. (Also, who needs 30 versions of the same Skyline?)

      Also, to be honest and although I love both GT and Forza: If you want a real driving simulator, Project Cars, rFactor, iRaicng and GTR are way better.

  • J.Draiver

    Microsoft is s.t.u.p.i.d! Some people buy Xbox just for Forza and Halo, now its just some extra PC hardware to buy. Everyone has PC now

  • Chan Jacky

    you’d better mention that the FH3 livery and decal textures are low-res since FM2 , you guys could see jagged edge livery textures even on 4k-res maxed setting on windows 10 , in the mean time project cars decal is absolutely fantastic high-res compared to forza series.
    i’m a big fan of forza series since forza 1 , i hope they would fix this problem in the near future.( it doesn’t make any sense with this low-res livery even on 4k pc version.)

  • Ron

    Why is there a project cars trailer listed? It clearly says welcome to project cars…