How to setup Formula B and Formula C in Project Cars
How to setup Formula B and Formula C in Project Cars

Project CARS is a real simulator of race driving. It is complicated as well – if you chose the hardcore simulation, you need to understand almost every aspect of the driving and car setup in order to succeed. It includes tire pressure, downforce, gear ratios, etc. Every setting influence the car parameters, such as grip, acceleration, max speed. Before Project CARS 2 release date, we try to answer the most desirable questions about the race car setups in the game. The most popular questions are about open-wheel cars like Formula A, B and C. Here are some basic setups suitable […]

what would be the next Midnight Club city
What Could Be The Next Midnight Club City

Everybody knows the legendary Need for Speed series, especially the Underground and Underground 2 – those games were marvelous for the time of the release. But only a few remember Midnight Club, mainly console users – PS2 gamers enjoyed great Midnight Club 3, PS3 and Xbox 360 users race the latest Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Those games were much better than NFS in many aspects, including detailed real cities – San Diego, Atlanta and Detroit for the 3rd installment and obviously LA for the latest part. From West Coast to East Coast There wasn’t any major news regarding the Midnight […]

What We Like Most In Original Mafia Game
What We Like Most In Original Mafia Game

After the release of the third installment of the game series, which was pretty controversial, and rumors of Mafia 4 game, the topic has become trendy again. Let’s remember the original Mafia game, which was released back in 2002. This year brings us the first 3D Grand Theft Auto game on PC – the genre king was settled. Just a few might notice the Mafia, some claim it’s just a GTA clone. But it wasn’t. Despite the quite similar concept of 3rd person shooter with the ability to drive a car (still fresh for the early 2000s), the Mafia game was way […]

insurgency sandstorm
Insurgency Sandstorm – deeply updated online FPS

The development of the popular tactical first-person shooter that simulates military combat operations, is entering a qualitatively new level. In the future, the game will get a new game engine, the graphics, the storyline campaign, more small arms and armor. Insurgency New DLC Insurgency Sandstorm PS4 release date will be not soon – in 2017. It will not be a port of the original game, and a completely new design, built from the ground up. The announcement of the future novelty has already received good reviews in the press and advances. Release date: 2017 The game is likely to be released […]

battalion 1944
Battalion 1944: new WWII online shooter

The developers decided to raise money for a multiplayer shooter just about WWII in the spirit of the series Medal of Honor and Call of Duty on Kickstarter. Moreover, the developers have made as much as 317,000 pounds (three times the originally requested amount) from the same nostalgic public, so that they really got to realize zadumannoe.Chtoby understand unusual situation, rewind time enough only ten years ago and remember how many shooters was done by video game industry on WWII. Battalion 1944 release date The release date of the game is not unveiled yet, it is predicted to be released […]

Indivisible – New Indie Platformer

The project has collected 1.8 million and a bit has not held up to 9 digits after the decimal point. So stretch goal finished off only one – namely the music of composer Hiroki Kikuchi. Perhaps the people will wake up consciences, and they will gather somewhere and nine thousand and see more videos and animated in-game. Indivisible Release Date The game is currently in beta testing, the full version is expected to be released in the next year, 2017. Indivisible release date: 2017 Indivisible Gameplay The launch window immediately striking quality – detail of the protagonist at the highest […]

Scalebound Release date
Scalebound In Details

With the announcement of the game at last year’s E3 was held for almost a year, and Platinum Games is still not called even genre. While bearing in mind the achievements of previous studio (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Vanquish), a rough diagnosis to put it is still possible. We are waiting for the fighting to clearly going wild speeds purely Japanese pathos, and at the same time a giant lizard-like monster with a high-rise building height. And now prepare yourself for the latest Scalebound game news Scalebound release date The release date of the new game is planned on the […]

call of cthulhu game
Call of Cthulhu game release date and preview

When a new game is preparing to release, the creators are hoping that it will be appreciated by the most advanced gamers. If these guys really like story, graphics and functional aspect of the project, the rest of the users can not worry. Because of this, developers are trying to choose the most demanded genre of games and register high-quality script. The game Call of Cthulhu 2017 promises to be one of these projects – interesting, exciting. Call of Cthulhu release date Company-developer Focus Home Interactive has shared important information – Horror Call of Cthulhu (The Return of Cthulhu) does […]

Hitman Release date for PS4
New Hitman game 2016 about silent assassin for PS4

Fifteen years ago, IO-Interactive has created a game-genre. In Hitman: Codename 47 bald hitman killed in an expensive suit influential and dangerous people in many different ways: shot from a sniper rifle, choking string organizing an “accident” or simple assault. To mask permitted to dress under the staff, from guards to cooks. We were placed in a small sandbox, untied his hands, and started hunting. At the end of the mission is rated. All cherished dream of Silent Assassin, but the choice remained for the player. The next few years the formula Hitman uniformly polished out more exotic ways of […]

New Zombie Games 2016
New Zombie Games you can play in 2016

These days, zombies seem to be everywhere, from TV to cinemas, video games, comics, books, etc. Year 2015 introduced some great zombie games and it looks like 2016 is going to be even better. Following is a list of upcoming zombie games to be released in 2016. Find out the best Zombie Games for Xbox 360 of all the time Ray’s The Dead Ray’s The Dead is a unique and story driven action puzzler video game in which players will experience the life of Ray, a zombie. Players will see both sides of Ray’s adventure as a human before his death […]